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Manor CE Academy
Barlby High School
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Baldersby St James Primary School
Burton Green Primary School
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RQT programme

RQT programme

About the programme

This programme is designed in partnership with RQTs and Headteachers to provide targeted, appropriate professional development, appropriate to career stage, and to enable the building of a strong professional network across the Trust.

The aims of the programme are:

  1. To further develop and understand the underpinning principles of what makes good teaching and learning.
  2. To develop a wider repertoire of pedagogical strategies to support teaching of your phase or subject.
  3. To engage with relevant educational research, such as leadership models, which may support you in your development.
  4. To have an awareness of the changing national agenda and possible implications for your teaching.
  5. To provide an opportunity for reflection to encourage colleagues to be independent and creative.
  6. Provide a formal network, with opportunities for colleagues to ask questions and share best practice.
  7. Provide a supportive environment to develop colleagues facilitation skills.

The sessions are 60 minutes. From 5.00-5.30pm, facilitated networking time is provided. This is led by RQTs. NQTs are also invited to join this.

Dates and times:

  • Autumn 1 07/10/20 4.00-5:30pm
  • Autumn 2 26/11/20 4.00-5:30pm
  • Spring 1 19/01/21 4.00-5:30pm
  • Spring 2 25/03/21 4.00-5:30pm
  • Summer 1 04/05/21 4.00-5:30pm
  • Summer 2 28/06/21 4.00-5:30pm


If you’d like to find out more about designing, delivering or contributing to this programme, or would like to hear more about how to get involved please contact Chloe Dolphin E: c.dolphin@hlt.academy or Sarah Clarke E: s.clarke@hlt.academy

Participant quotes

I have thoroughly enjoyed the NQT/RQT programme. It has enabled me to make connections with other schools in the trust which has widened and improved my practice as well as providing valuable contacts with other teachers.

English Teacher
Barlby High School

The sessions over the two years have impacted my teaching, the Kubler Ross curve has certainly changed my mindset when things go wrong/not to plan. I’ve also really enjoyed learning about our colleagues’ pathways into leadership.

Maths Teacher
Hope Learning Trust