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Manor CE Academy
Barlby High School
George Pindar School
Graham School
Vale of York Academy
Baldersby St James Primary School
Burton Green Primary School
Forest of Galtres Primary School
Poppleton Ousebank Primary School
Skelton Primary School

School Improvement Team Associate Principal

Hope Learning Trust

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Job reference: hlt_sitap_080621

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About us

Hope Learning Trust, York is a growing multi-academy trust for both primary and secondary schools. A Church of England trust established to bring together church and community schools, it was originally formed by Manor Church of England Academy and Poppleton Ousebank Primary School.


Our Vision

Our vision is really very simple. We aspire to provide a place where children and young people can thrive. The aspirations for our existing academies and those joining us are to establish environments where young people thrive. We want our schools to be places where children and young people thrive as active learners; compassionate, kind and creative individuals; caring and engaged citizens; and spiritual beings. We aim to grow together, to serve one another and nurture our children and young people.

In a world of turmoil we offer schools the opportunity to concentrate on teaching and learning, providing you with peace of mind as we look after everything else. Hope Learning Trust, York presents opportunities and expectations that promote success.

As a Trust, we want every young person to experience great teaching, so we place the highest value on developing colleagues at all levels.

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Job reference: hlt_sitap_080621
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Hope Learning Trust – School Improvement Team Associate Principal

Job reference: hlt_sitap_080621

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